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Wuxi Mingyan Equipment Co., Ltd

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1 Company description Wuxi MingYan equipment co LTD Located in the most developed Yangtze river delta industrial area of taihu lake in wuxi city jiangsu province in recent years along with society s reform and opening up the company quickly developed into a biochemical equipment of petrochemical equipment environmental equipment professional manufacturing company sinopec petrochina cnooc sinochem corporation level 1 supplier In 1994 the ministry of labor issued a manufacturing license for class I and II pressure vessels In 2010 it obtained the manufacturing license of class III pressure vessel issued by the general administration of quality supervision inspection and quarantine of the...

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Heat Exchange Equipment

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Filtering Equipment

Industrial storage tank

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Mixing And Stirring Equipment

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FurnaceExcellent Stock BinCarbon Steel ColumnFiltering equipmentTube Heat ExchangerSealant Power MixerFloating Head CoolerFired Boiler MachineGreat Polishing TankLow Cost Storage PotGreat HKV Hook MixerCarbon Steel ReactorStainless Steel TankUpright Storage TankKneader Mixer RubberKettle Type AgitatorGreat Recovery TowerSteel Spherical TankMulti-function mixerGreat Vertical TanksGreat Hkv Hook MixerCarbon Steel ColumnsFiltration ApparatusChemical Storage TankGreat Reaction KettleReactor Chemical TankExternal Pipe ReactorTower In Caustic SodaGreat Electric HeaterTower in Caustic SodaVertical Storage TankStorage Aluminum CansAluminum Storage TankLiquid Separator TankLow Cost Storage TankThe sterilization potCarbon Steel ReactorsJuice Filling MachineSpiral Heat ExchangerPolymerization kettleSteel Spherical TanksPolished Storage TankShell Electric HeaterBarrel Washing MachineDrum Washing EquipmentLow Cost Aluminum CansHorizontal Screw MixerSulfur Slicing MachineFilling machine seriesHome 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Quality External Pipe Reactor KettleHigh-quality Depropanizer Tower EquipmentCustomizable Stainless Steel Storage TankSuper Quality High Pressure Reactor AutocHigh-quality External Pipe Reactor KettleMulti Reactants And Long Period ReactionsThe Carbon Stee Reaction Kettle EquipmentHigh Temperature Steam Sterilizing BoilerGreat Electrically Heated Reaction KettleExcellent Carbon Steel Tower for IndustryHigh Quality Stainless Steel Storage TankHigh Quality Butane Tower Pressure VesselStorage Tank for the Scene ReconstructionGreat Carbon Steel Jacket Reaction KettleStainless Steel Outer Spiral Pipe ReactorHigh Quality Carbon Steel Reaction KettleAutoclave Pot Horizontal Retort SterilizerGreat Quality Carbon Steel Reaction KettleGood-performance Tube Shell Heat ExchangerStainless Steel and Jacket Reaction KettleHigh Quality Single Stirred Reactor KettleStainless Steel Liquid Storage Jacket TankHorizontal Tank with Excellent PerformanceSemi-automatic Filling and Capping MachineSupport for Custom Tubular Heat ExchangersCarbon Steel Storage Tank with PerformanceExcellent Carbon Steel Reactor for IndustryHigh Quality Stainless Steel Reactor KettleExternal Pipe Steam Heating Reaction VesselHigh Quality Stock Solution Defoaming TowerFully Automatic Filling and Capping MachineMagnetic Seal High Pressure Reaction KettleCost-effective Carbon Steel Reaction KettleExcellent Quality Carbon Steel Storage TankGreat Chemical Stainless Steel Storage TankLarge Capacity Stainless Steel Storage TankExcellent Performance of Carbon Steel TowerStainless Steel Carbon Steel Heat ExchangerEquipment for Automotive Sealant Power MixerStandard Stainless Steel Liquid Storage TankStainless Storage Tanks for Chemical LiquidsNew Arrival Industrial High Pressure ReactorCustomizable Crystallization Reaction KettleExcellent Performance of Carbon Steel ColumnSemi-automatic Filling and Capping EquipmentPolymerization Multifunctional Reactor KettleHigh Quality Tubular Heat Exchanger EquipmentCarbon Steel High Pressure Industrial ReactorHigh Quality100L External Pipe Reactor KettleHigh-quality Tubular Heat Exchanger EquipmentExcellent Carbon Steel Jacket Reaction KettleHigh Quality Chemical Jacketed Reaction KettleCost-effective Carbon Steel Tube Type ExchangeHeat Preservation Stainless Steel Storage TankContinuous Stirring Kettle Type Reaction KettleHigh Quality Performance of Incinerator BoilersVacuum Homogeneous Emulsifier Without Water PanHigh-quality Low-cost Carbon Steel Jacket ReactorMagnetic High Pressure Industrial Reaction KettleHigh Temperature Resistant Tubular Heat ExchangerTubular Heat Exchanger with Excellent Performance

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