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Wuxi Mingyan Equipment Co., Ltd

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1 Company description Wuxi MingYan equipment co LTD Located in the most developed Yangtze river delta industrial area of taihu lake in wuxi city jiangsu province in recent years along with society s reform and opening up the company quickly developed into a biochemical equipment of petrochemical equipment environmental equipment professional manufacturing company sinopec petrochina cnooc sinochem corporation level 1 supplier In 1994 the ministry of labor issued a manufacturing license for class I and II pressure vessels In 2010 it obtained the manufacturing license of class III pressure vessel issued by the general administration of quality supervision inspection and quarantine of the...

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Heat Exchange Equipment

The Fermentation Equipment


Non-standard Equipment

Filtering Equipment

Industrial storage tank

Boiler Equipment

Storage Devices

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Kneading Mixer

Disperse Stirring Reaction Equipment

Filling Machine Series

Mixing And Stirring Equipment

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Steel TowerMagnetic Seal High Pressure Reaction KettleHigh Quality Stainless Steel Reactor KettleStainless Storage Tanks for Chemical LiquidsCustomizable Crystallization Reaction KettleSemi-automatic Filling and Capping EquipmentEquipment for Automotive Sealant Power MixerExcellent Performance of Carbon Steel ColumnNew Arrival Industrial High Pressure ReactorStandard Stainless Steel Liquid Storage TankHigh Quality Tubular Heat Exchanger EquipmentPolymerization Multifunctional Reactor KettleCarbon Steel High Pressure Industrial ReactorExcellent Carbon Steel Jacket Reaction KettleHigh-quality Tubular Heat Exchanger EquipmentHigh Quality100L External Pipe Reactor KettleCost-effective Carbon Steel Tube Type ExchangeHigh Quality Chemical Jacketed Reaction KettleHeat Preservation Stainless Steel Storage TankContinuous Stirring Kettle Type Reaction KettleHigh Quality Performance of Incinerator BoilersVacuum Homogeneous Emulsifier Without Water PanHigh Temperature Resistant Tubular Heat ExchangerHigh-quality Low-cost Carbon Steel Jacket ReactorTubular Heat Exchanger with Excellent PerformanceMagnetic High Pressure Industrial Reaction Kettle

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